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MICHAEL MESHIRER, CEP, TP-C | Founder, Operator

Michael is an NRA certified Advanced Firearms Instructor and an active certified emergency paramedic in Arizona, TP-C. He brings to us, a multitier background in firearms and tactics and is certified by the International Board of Specialty Certifications in advanced tactical paramedicine. Michael has spent a majority of his professional career working in the United States Federal Government for 20 years. He has extensive training in firearms marksmanship and designated a distinguished weapons expert in multiple weapons. Mr. Meshirer trains and regularly instructs in defensive tactics to include edged weapons and cellular team movements. He travels nationwide to train various agencies in Active Shooter and Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Michael has taught internationally and trained with and been part of multiple special response teams. He is an expert in search and rescue and advanced medicine. Mr. Meshirer is currently an active certified emergency paramedic in Arizona. He teaches at several Fire and Ambulatory Services Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support. He has studied the mechanisms of injury and illnesses extensively to children, which is dear to his heart. Mr. Meshirer has taught for 14 years both government and civilian markets. He has taught in a college setting as a subject matter expert in various disciplines. Michael has taught weapons safety to families of all origin focusing on firearms safety in the house and transit travel. He currently teaches advanced CCW courses which include force on force scenarios, bleeding control and tourniquet applications, laws and statutes, introduction to basic and advanced firearms, live round qualifications, cellular movements, home invasion prevention and threat analysis, edged weapons training and defensive maneuvers, basic warrior mindset and muscle memory drills. Michael is continuing his education in advanced medicine and has a Class III Federal Firearms License to sell firearms and accessories to include suppressors and SBR. Michael and his wife have one pediatric daughter who inspires him to continue to move forward with training and education.

KELLEY MESHIRER | Co-Founder, Director of Business

Kelley is an NRA certified Firearms Instructor.  She comes to us with an extensive public relations and a fundraising background having worked with various non-profit organizations throughout the United States over the last 20 years.  Kelley spent nearly a decade in the Washington D.C. area as the former director of foundation relations for Young America’s Foundation, primarily responsible for cultivating relationships with charitable organizations through grant writing. Also, she served as the associate director of the National Journalism Center, a program that assigns aspiring journalists to internships at major media outlets including ABC, Newsweek, CNN & C-SPAN. Mrs. Meshirer is proud to have served on the board of directors for America’s Future Foundation, whose mission is to identify and develop future leaders who strive for free-market values. She was the owner of a successful jewelry business, Covenant Gemstones, from 2006 to 2016. Currently, she coordinates financial giving and stewardship strategy at Casas Church. Also, she is honored to serve at BP101Fund’s voluntary president, a non-profit organization that works to remember Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents killed in the line of duty, raising support for border patrol families throughout Southern Arizona. She and her husband with their awesome daughter live in Oro Valley, Arizona.

ALLISON LANE | Medical Director

Allison Lane, MD, is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician and is also certified in Sports Medicine. She started her career as an EMT and Wildland Firefighter in the Phoenix area. She then completed her training in medicine at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Dr. Lane currently works for Banner University Medical Center in the Emergency Department (ED) and in their Sports Medicine clinic. Additionally, she works for the University of Arizona Campus Health Services, treating students and athletes with musculoskeletal injuries. She also covers sporting events for the University of Arizona, FC Tucson soccer club, and pre-season Major League Soccer. Dr. Lane became the medical director of Talon Tactical Medicine because she values the best training possible. She believes classes should be taught by experts in the field, regardless of whether the training is for basic self-defense and gun safety, or training those on the “front-line” to act both tactically and medically in an active shooter situation. Dr. Lane is also involved in Talon Tactical Medicine as an instructor during various venues to include Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), where she has completed the provider course, despite this not being a requirement as an ED physician. Dr. Lane is a current NRA Firearms Instructor. She believes all physicians should continue their education, keep current on the newest literature, and use best practice medicine. In today’s volatile environment it is crucial to understand new threats and know how to combat them, utilizing both superior tactics and medicine. In her spare time, Dr. Lane enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and recreational shooting with her husband and their dogs.

RYAN WYATT, TP-C, FP-C | Director of Training

Ryan Wyatt, FP-C, is one the Talon Tactical Instructors of tactics and medicine. Mr. Wyatt has been a paramedic since 1991. He started his career in the United States Navy as a Corpsman and became a Leading Petty Officer of the Emergency Department in Yokosuka, Japan. Ryan furthered his medical foundation by running multiple pediatric primary care offices in Scottsdale, AZ. Upon his move to Tucson, AZ in 2006 he began working at University Medical Center as a staff paramedic. He has since started the Ultrasound IV program there and trains paramedics, nurses, and physicians in the use of ultrasound for intravenous catheter placement.  Ryan is also a full-time flight paramedic and the Education Chair of AZ Lifeline, as well as a paramedic clinical instructor at Pima Community College. Ryan served over four and a half years in Baghdad, Iraq as a High Threat Protection Medic and Medic Team Lead for the Littlebird (MD-530) program, and was the Assistant Country Medical Manager for the Medevac mission as a private contractor. While in Iraq, he operated as an advanced paramedic in a combat zone, combining both tactics and medicine while providing security for the Department of State.  Ryan also ran a walk-in clinic, educated the U.S. Embassy Heath Unit in Emergency Medicine, and trained many paramedics in Tactical Casualty Combat Care (TCCC) while in Iraq.

WREN KELLER, TP-C, FP-C | Director of Creative Arts

Wren Keller is a Tucson native, he started his emergency medical career as an EMT/Firefighter in 1994 and advanced his certification to an Emergency Paramedic in 1997. He went on to further his knowledge by becoming a Technical Rope Rescue Instructor, Swift Water Rescue Tech Advanced/instructor and a Hazardous Materials Technician. Wren has served on the Arizona Pima County Arson Task Force, volunteered as a search and recovery black water diver and Search and Rescue Medic for Pima County. In 1999 he became a Flight Paramedic, a field which he continues into this day as a peer educator and clinical coach. Mr. Keller has been a lead instructor for the largest American Heart Association training center in Arizona, instructed complicated Airway techniques at both Southern Arizona Trauma Conference and Northern Arizona University Physician Assistant Program. His tactical experience includes multiple firearm, long gun and scenario based classes, as well as facilitation and co-instructing in active shooter scenarios in various schools. In his spare time, he is an accomplished photographer and graphic designer. He and his wife enjoy traveling in their free time. They are residents of Tucson, Arizona.

JAMES SCORDATO | Director of Firearms

Mr. James Scordato is a Tucson native and a certified firearms instructor with the National Rifle Association. He possesses several other advanced instructor certifications in marksmanship and tactics.  He has taught shooters from various levels and ages from absolute beginner to seasoned law enforcement and competitive shooters.  Mr. Scordato started shooting competitively at age 10, competing in SASS cowboy action events with his father, Jim. When James was 14 he started shooting in defensive oriented events put on locally by a retired Pima County Sherriff’s Deputy.  He also competes in International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and several other practical pistol and 3 gun events.  He has attained many honors in the shooting world including: Master Class in USPSA limited Division, IDPA classifiers at the Master level for ESP and SSP divisions, match director for Steel Challenge and assistant match director for USPSA and 3 gun events.  James has won several state and regional titles over his shooting career and has taken the knowledge gained over the years and has applied it to the tactical world of Law Enforcement and civilian defensive shooting. He joined Federal Law Enforcement in 1999 and became a Federal Law Enforcement firearms instructor in 2001. James understands that competitive shooting is a great place to learn how to shoot faster and more accurately while mastering weapon manipulation skills. Tactics are best learned outside of matches during specific specialized training.  James is extremely passionate about firearms, shooting for sport, defense and firearms safety on the range. James is highly involved in the development of lady shooters for self-defense and he volunteers countless hours teaching basic and advanced combat application shooting. James is a firearms armorer in multiple platforms. He enjoys spending quality time and hiking with his wife and son in the beautiful Arizona mountains. 

JOE MADRIGAL | Assistant Director of Firearms

Mr. Joe Madrigal is a National Rifle Association certified Advanced Firearms Instructor. He has an extensive background in teaching both firearms and tactics.  Mr. Madrigal has over 17 years combined in local and federal law enforcement. Eight of the 17 years he has taught firearms and tactics in the United States Federal Government being certified through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, (FLETC).  With extensive training in firearms marksmanship, he has been designated a distinguished weapons expert in multiple weapon systems through the United States Government.  Mr. Madrigal is currently certified as an Active Shooter Instructor, Intermediate Force Instructor, Individual First Aid Kit, (IFAK) Instructor and as a Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor. Mr. Madrigal is certified to instruct and re-certify retired law enforcement officers through the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Association (LEOSA).

Joe spent two years as a crew member in support of search and rescue missions within the United States on both the UH-1 Huey and the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter.

In 2015, he was awarded the Department of Homeland Security Chief Medical Officers Life Saving Award. Joe earned this prestigious award while quickly applying a life-saving tourniquet onto a motorist that had his leg amputated during a motor vehicle collision.

Joe is passionate about teaching and enjoys passing on his shooting knowledge to all levels of shooters from beginner to experienced. He has put in countless hours volunteering his instruction to programs such as BP101 Ladies Shooting Club, BP Explorers Post 181, as well as the Marana Shooting Club as a Range Safety Officer (RSO) to name a few.

On his off-time he enjoys spending time at the lake casting a line from his boat with his family and friends. You can also find him lighting a torch in his garage to make custom-built grills and firearms steel targets.

RICH CRUZ | Director of Close Quarter Combat & Defensive Tactics
CEO/Operator Cruz Martial Arts and Consultation

Richard Cruz was born in San Leandro, California.  At an early age of 7, Richard was drawn into boxing and martial arts and begun boxing training through the Boy’s Club and YMCA.  In 1984, Ron Esteller (currently Professor 8th Degree) who was a black belt in Kajukenbo under Grand Master (GM) James Juarez and the late Great Grand Master (GGM) Charles Gaylord, began devoting his free time at the San Leandro Boy’s Club by teaching classes.  Richard began training under Professor Esteller at the age of 10.  At the age of 15, Richard moved to Vallejo, California where he began training in Taekwondo from Grandmaster William Kim, (a direct student and son of Grandmaster Hae Yong Kim) who had a school a few blocks from his house.  After a couple years of training, Richard began looking for a Kajukenbo school, and with the help of Professor Esteller, Richard was put in contact with GM Woody Sims.  It was the year of 1988 when Richard begun his training with his Sifu and mentor GM Woody Sims.  Richard had the privilege of also training in full contact fighting and point sparring under GM Sims and frequently traveled to tournaments in the early to mid-90s.  For several years, GM Sims had 2 schools in Vallejo, CA, one open to the general public and the other for the California Maritime Academy, leaving Richard to teach and conduct classes at the main school for several years. 

Sigung Cruz was tested and promoted to the rank of 1st degree black belt in 1995.  At that time, Richard was asked to teach Kajukenbo at the Vallejo Multi-Cultural Martial Arts Academy in Vallejo, CA. During that time (while continuing to teach Kajukenbo), Richard sought personal growth in the Kajukenbo philosophies and began training under Grand Maesrto Jon Bais in Kalis-Silat-Kuntaw / Bais Tres Manos, a mid to close range system along with Eskrido (full contact fighting with a stick, utilizing strikes with the arms and legs).  Richard also began training and teaching at the school of Grand Master Emil, one of the longest running Kajukenbo Schools in the country.

This continued until the year 2000, when Richard accepted a position with the U.S. Government and relocated to Arizona.  While working in the southern Arizona area, Richard was put in contact with Sigung Greggory Tobias of the Sei Ryu Kan Dojo and began teaching and training during the week.  This continued for several years until 2007 when Richard was asked to relocate to Washington, DC for his job.  While assigned to work in the area Sigung Cruz introduced Kajukenbo to the DC Metro/Virginia area by teaching classes during the week at the Warrior Gym located in Alexandria, Virginia.  This continued until 2012 when he relocated back to Tucson, Arizona leaving his senior most student, Sifu Larry Amante to continue teaching the art in the area.

Richard has continued his training in Martial Arts throughout his life, primarily with Kajukenbo through GM Woody Sims, earning his Black Belt (currently a 6th degree) under GM Sims.  Sigung Cruz continues to teach and train at the Sei Ryu Kan Dojo located at the Kodenkan Martial Arts Academy in Tucson, Arizona.  This gives him the opportunity to share his knowledge, train and to help others in their quest in becoming lifelong martial artists/Kajukenbo practitioners.

Prior to Richard’s government position he was enlisted with the United States Air Force Reserves as a Military Policeman and Combat Arms Instructor.  Rich spent eight years as an active reserve in California and Arizona as a Combat Arms Instructor / Weapons Armorer instructing and certifying military and government personnel in weapons, tactics and conducting specialized training for military units to include Office of Special Investigations (OSI), Survival–Evade–Resistance-Escape (S.E.R.E) and Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD).  He was certified as a Colt, Berretta, Remington, M60 machine gun, M249 squad automatic machine gun, M203 grenade launcher, light anti-tank weapon (LAW), and Barrett M107 .50 BMG rifle Armorer.

Rich was also selected as a competitor in several military combat competitions and represented the U.S. Airforce Command in Defender Challenge and Rodeo Security Forces competitions.

ROB MOON, CEP | Director of Fire & Rescue

Mr. Rob Moon is a Captain and Paramedic for a local fire department in Tucson, AZ.  He brings with him 20 years of EMS experience and has been an instructor for various emergency medicine disciplines for 15 years.  He began his career in Fargo, North Dakota and relocated to Tucson AZ in 2001. Mr. Moon is certified in Technical Rescue, including high angle rope rescue, confined space, and swift-water rescue disciplines.  He has also served on the Wildland Firefighting Team.  Rob is a certified instructor for Tactical Combat Casualty Care, (TCCC/TECC) CPR, Emergency Medical Technician, AZ State Firefighter I and II, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Geriatric Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Pediatric Care, Incident Command Systems, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and is a Coordinator for Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support and Advanced Medical Life Support. Rob is an active member of his department’s Active Threat Response team, which is designed to mitigate active shooter scenarios in all environments. His current assignment as the department’s Training Officer requires him to stay up to date on the most current practices in fire suppression, as well as Emergency Medical Services. Rob has also been trained as a Personal Trainer with an emphasis in programing. Mr. Moon is an NRA Firearms Instructor. Rob, his wife, and their two children enjoy camping and hiking in their free time. 

BOBBIE MERICA | CEO / Operator Moulage Concepts
Moulage Scientist, Author, SME

Bobbie Merica is the owner of Moulage Concepts Inc., a medical-trauma moulage company and author of several moulage training books specific to the simulation communities including “Medical Moulage – How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive.”  Upon discovering the absence of Moulage specific to a clinical/hospital setting, she designed and developed the first of a series of 3D clinical wounds that can be triaged, sutured, debrided and drained in addition to medical & trauma moulage kits, workshops and wound development specialized to the MCI, clinical, pre-hospital, military, pandemic and veterinary simulation communities. 

Mrs. Merica is a contributing author at:

EMSWorld magazine, “Wound of the Month” Trauma Moulage specialized to the pre-hospital communities 

“Bridging the Gap in Simulation – A Collaboration of Experts” a free Medical Moulage Tutorial Blog (available at www.moulageconcepts.com

Technologies Specialist Advisory Board member

Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP) certified.  

Simulation Technician Job Description & Curriculum Consultant Committee Member –  a State and Federally recognized job description for the California Health Workforce Initiative agency tasked with developing and supporting California’s many higher education institutions with healthcare related content including: new career markets for education, course curriculum, and staffing resources. 

Collaborated on position development with a diverse team of IT, healthcare and training simulation specialists from California higher educational institutions over a three-day period. 

Collaborated in design and development of, skill sets and positioning of “Simulation Technology Specialist” into the simulation community.

Document available at: http://www.healthoccupations.org/dacum.cfm

She is currently working on her newest book, “Veterinary Moulage – How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive.” 

Bobbie began her career in simulation as a Medical Technologist in 2004 before moving into a Simulation Consultant position in 2007. This unique perspective has allowed her the opportunity to fully understand the complexities of creating authentic training scenarios specialized to the simulation community with consideration to the challenges of working with both simulator and standardized patients under time and budgetary constraints.

JILL CONNOR | Director of Marketing

Jill is a certified NRA firearms instructor.  She has 12 years of experience as a Federal Agent.  She has had extensive training and experience in the fields of close quarters combat, threat assessment, and firearms marksmanship.  Jill worked as a Border Patrol Agent on the Arizona border for six years, as a Federal Air Marshal for three years and as an Intelligence Specialist for three years.  She has worked on several Joint Task Forces as well as Threat Analysis Units and at the Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center in Washington D.C.  As such, she has been in many first responder situations and has handled them well.  Jill has been the recipient of several awards in her field including (but not limited to) the Protecting the Homeland Award in 2007, from the Secretary of Homeland Security and has been recognized by President George W. Bush for her work. Being a petite female in a law enforcement position, she was afforded many unique opportunities to work in undercover capacities.  This forced her to become particularly proficient at concealing a weapon and drawing from a concealed carry position.  She has also been certified by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to teach Physical Training and Close Quarters Combat. Jill is married and has two young sons.  Currently, her career is on ‘pause’ to raise her family, but she still regularly enjoys recreational shooting and has kept her skills up to date. Jill is happy working with Talon Tactical Medicine as a way to share her expertise. She is a resident of Phoenix, Arizona.

JAMES WEYGAND | Logistics & Armorer

James Weygand is a retired Border Patrol Agent of 13 years. Eleven of those years, Mr. Weygand taught tactical defense techniques as a “Use of Force” instructor. The training included: hand to hand techniques, electronic control weapon (TASER) training, collapsible steel baton training, OC Spray and manual deflation device training as well as launched gas and explosive munitions. He has been a certified EMT for over a decade and has advanced training in the emergency medical field. He has acquired and is permitted to teach Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS), Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and Wilderness EMT. He has done extensive rescue in austere (remote wilderness) environments extracting both medical and trauma patients. He enjoys working with Talon Tactical Medicine and passing on his knowledge to those who seek to learn and grow in as the tactical medical environment is ever-changing. He values cross-training with all law enforcement and EMS/Fire communities to increase survivability better patient outcome. He and his family live in Tucson, Arizona.


Ms. Natalie Thompson is an Emergency Medical Services Instructor and Adjunct College Professor.  She brings over 25 years of field experience as a Critical Care Paramedic working in dangerous rural areas of Southern Arizona.  Natalie’s passion is teaching personal and professional safety often sacrificing her off time with family. Natalie is a current certified NRA firearms instructor in both basic pistol and advanced tactics. Ms. Thompson is one of the very few women in medicine invited to become a Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, (NAEMT).

One of Ms. Thompson’s areas of expertise is Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support and Advanced Medical Life Support. These courses include rapid decision making and knowing what type of equipment to use in basic life support. These courses include teaching the art of bleeding control though the rapid deployment of an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). Natalie is well known and respected throughout the EMS community and police agencies for her contribution on the use and application of the CAT tourniquet for basic self aid to include bleeding control in mass casualty incidents.

Natalie believes that everyone should be able to protect themselves and their families though our second amendment right to bear firearms. This includes more than just how to use a firearm but how to effectively store it in the home from an accidental discharge. Natalie is involved in close quarter combat training on a regular basis in her community.

PHILLIP DAVIS | Instructor, Communications

Phil Davis is a former United States Marine and a native of Tucson, Arizona. He received his EMT certification in California in 1999 and worked with AMR in Orange and LA Counties for several years. He continued his training in trauma and tactical medicine for five years and is certified as a pre-hospital trauma life support provider (PHTLS). Mr. Davis is certified as a Tactical Combat Causaity Care (TCCC/TECC) instructor and basic life support provider, as well as an American Heart Association CPR instructor. He has trained with and volunteered for the Southern Arizona Rescue Association for two years. As a licensed amateur radio operator, he currently works for a local public safety agency as a radio technician. His communication experience includes municipal radio systems, interoperability, ham repeaters, and public-use radios and emergency communications. Phil is a certified advanced NRA Firearm’s instructor and Range Safety Officer. He played a key role in the development of TTM CCW course curriculum and force on force scenarios. Additionally, he helped develop the TTM advanced Individual First Aid Kit used during bleeding control courses (BCON).  Mr. Davis spends much of his free time mentoring middle and high school aged kids who aspire to go into Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services. Mr. Davis finds great satisfaction in traveling across the United States entering his group of kids into national competitions. One of Phil’s hobbies is brewing homemade beer for sharing and spending time with his family. 

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